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Gil Ja Jhon

(Professor Emerita, Ewha Womans University)

The Volunteers for Educational Services in Asia (VESA) is a mission institution established in 2004. However, we have sent missionaries to Cambodia since 1999.

Up to now, five missionaries have been sent to Srang, Kampong Speu providence, Cambodia.

VESA opened kindergarden and elementary school in 2009, junior high in 2015, and high school in 2018. We plan to open college by 2021 and keep praying for Lord’s blessings.

We also opened medical clinic in Srang to improve community health.

 The five missionaries have dedicated to Kapong Speu community humbly for the last twenty years. We hope and pray for the spritual and physical strength and wellbeing of the missionaries.

VESA staffs have worked together as sponsors for this mission work. We are continuously looking for the sponsors to run this mission school and medical clinic successfully.

Therefore, we would like to duly invite you to join us and share the vision of bringing up the future christian leaders in the Cambodian society.


Thank you in advance for your participation.


President Jhon, VESA