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We are looking forward to your participation in our mission.

You can join our members and support us through prayers, and take part in management.

Please complete the membership application form for your participation and then pay a membership fee as follows. Your participation will make a great contribution to the actualization of the will of God.

VESA Membership and Fees

Pay 10,000 won/month or 120,000 won/year per account. Each member should make payment for at least one account. There is no limit in this amount: you may pay with multiple accounts or tell us how much more you would like to pay. You may also change the number of accounts every year.

The available bank accounts are:

  • Shinhan Bank 100-021-503248 for “아시아교육봉사회”(VESA)
  • Shinhan Bank 100-025-032263 for “이화스렁 유,초등학교 후원”(Donation for Ewha Srang Kindergarten and Primary School)
  • Shinhan Bank 100-029-454460 for “쑤쑤 일대일 결연”(Susu One-to-one Sponsorship)

* Please fill in your complete name as you make your payment.

* Please contact us after your payment.

Contact: Assistant Administrator ☏ (+82) 10 7223 4516