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Mission to Cambodia

Mission to Cambodia

Cambodia has the population of 13 million, of which Buddhists constitute 90%. Only 1.2% of the entire population is Christian, with protestants only 0.2%. The Southeast Asian country is in dire need of spiritual and physical help to recover from the destruction of infrastructure and human resources under the Khmer Rouge rule.


  • Official Language: Khmer
  • Area (CIA): 181,035㎢ (90th)
  • Population (2014.07, CIA): 15,458,332 (68th)
  • GDP (2015, IMF): $17.8 billion (108th)
  • Religion: Southeast Asian Buddhism 95%, Others 5%
  • Climate: tropical monsoon
  • [Source: Naver Encyclopedia]


The VESA has sent five missionaries to Cambodia since 2000, and is now aiming to establish colleges and raise Christian leaders for the future of the region.