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Our objective is to actualize well-balanced spiritual, physical, and psychological development in students, influence students through exemplary Christian lives, accomplish missionary work through cooperation between experts, help self-sustaining operations within the regional community, and ultimately contribute to the development of the entire nation.

Basic Strategies of the Mission

  1. Prioritize value over form in missionary work.
  2. Put showing over telling in teaching Christian values.
  3. Make use of your expertise in mutual relationship with the people.
  4. Material help is as important as spiritual help.
  5. The mission encompasses not only the specific region but the entire nation.
  6. Pursue synergy effects through systematic interconnection between experts from various areas.
  7. Seek cooperation with other organizations, at home and abroad, that share the objectives and/or can supplement our project.
  8. Help financial self-reliance of the regional mission organization as soon as possible.
  9. Help self-sustaining and autonomous mission work and operation by the local population.
  10. Keep in mind that our long-term goal is to expand our mission to neighboring countries including Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Nepal.