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Words of Invitation

There are multiple ways to take part in VESA projects. At home and abroad, you can support us so that the gospel spreads over Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

How to support VESA projects

Join us with prayers

Let us pray that we may gain wisdom for actualizing the visions of VESA;

that Cambodian politics, economy, and society may find peace and prosper;

that the missionary activities in the Southeast Asia may proceed under God’s grace;

and that the missionaries find health and peace in their households.

Support us with your expertise

  • Professional volunteer work in education, healthcare, and management
  • Volunteer for administrative work
  • Volunteer for teaching English and computer skills
  • Volunteer works in culture, arts, and industrial technologies

Support through donation

  • Monthly support (10,000 won/month per account)
  • Susu one-to-one sponsorship (30,000 won/month per student)
  • Donate necessities (medicines, medical devices, clothes, stationery, etc.)