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Youth VESA

  1. Directions

(1) Objective of Youth VESA

Raise and train human resources for the local education.

(2) Purpose of Youth VESA

1) Learn and share the objectives of the establishment of VESA and practice God’s love.

2) Form the community between Cambodian students and Korean students who are interested in the mission to Cambodia.

3) Raise teachers and college faculty for Ewha Srang schools.

(3) Object of Youth VESA

1) Cambodian students in Korea and in Ewha Womans College (including non-Christians) — undergraduate students, graduate students, students in language programs

2) Korean students interested in the education mission to Cambodia — mission scholarship recipients, Darakbang club, college church, students who have visited Ewha Srang schools through school programs or short-term volunteer programs

3) Undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and aspiring missionaries who are willing to participate in the education mission of VESA

  1. Specific contents and methods

(1) Short-term Plans

1) regular meeting (once every week): learn Khmer, share verses, form community through intercessory prayers and meals

2) Cambodian Students’ Day (once every semester): At the beginning of each semester, we will open a service for the congratulation on the beginning of semester for Cambodian students in Korea and in Ewha Womans University. This will be an opportunity to proselytize non-Christian Cambodian students and to consolidate Christian community among Cambodian Christian students and help them share their visions for mission through exchange with Korean students. We also look after Cambodian students at the beginning of each semester as a part of our mission.

3) Youth VESA Short-term Mission (once every year): Every January to February, we go on a short-term education mission. We make specific preparations (organization of teams, develop programs for the mission, spiritual training) and advertise our mission and secure finance through the Night of Donation, visits to churches, etc. in the summer of the previous year.

(2) Long-term Plan

1) Raising medium and long-term education missionaries:

With the aforementioned activities, we can recruit education missionaries (including Cambodian students in Korea) required for the local mission from various fields of study and train them within the Youth VESA community to raise them into professional resources for the VESA education mission. We help these aspiring missionaries maintain a continuing relationship with VESA and close communication with local schools until they are dispatched as medium or long-term education missionaries.

2) Scholarship operation:

We will give financial aid to Cambodian students in Youth VESA or Korean student members who are in need of financial support by offering scholarships and assist them with teaching assistant jobs. They will be required to fulfill education volunteer work in the local schools. We expect that, in the future, as established members of society, these students will grow to become donors of VESA.

3) Registration of “Youth VESA” missionary club:

We plan to register Youth VESA as an official missionary club of Ewha Womans University, and aim to expand it to other colleges. We also expect that, in the long term, Youth VESA club will raise missionary professors for SAU Mission University.

4) Promotion of Cambodia and operation of Khmer education program:

We expect that the weekly Khmer class will develop into a regular language education program for the short-term mission teams and an education program for the general public (mostly mission teams in churches and NGO staff). (Additionally, through connection with multicultural families in Korea with Cambodian backgrounds, we expect to help raise children to become missionaries to Cambodia in the future.)